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About Us

About us

Clean 2 Clean Inc is cleaning company with more than 10 years experience in professional cleaning area. We are team and we know how to be hight level quality service  company and  clean luxury  offices, house, restaurant, hotel or clinic. Real Estate agency or businessmen can give you our phone number to call us and never have any issues with cleaning. 

Service and price

Our service for you with best offers:

House cleaning service from $25/Hr

Office cleaning services from $20/Hr

Cleaning after construction from $40

Move in/out cleaning from $25

Window cleaning from $85

Restaurant kitchen cleaning from $40

Why choose Clean2Clean

# Knowledge. In over 10 years as professional cleaning company we learned every day how to improve our cleaning service 

# Satisfaction. All our costumers are happy of our work that we've done. They always feel good value to us as a costumers.

# Convenience. We work 24/7 in your area.

# Profitable. The market is under control. 

Clean2Clean’s Blog

Reasons why take cleaning seriously!!

Cleaning is something that we have to do every once while. Sometimes we get that heavy feeling when our house is all dirty and disorganized. This can affect not just our health but also our mental state. Getting rid of all the thrash, cleaning the dishes, sweeping and mopping the floors, these are the activities that most of us come across as we try to keep our house clean. But sometimes because our busy schedule we are unable to find time to do all these. The problem worsens even more when this neglect on cleaning leads to some complications. Dirt in the air can cause serious health conditions like Asthma. Germs can lead to bad infections and allergies and can even find itself in our food which can lead to bad bacteria entering our body. Preventing all this is the goal of cleaning our house. Cleaning is essential for people to live a healthy and active lifestyle.