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About Us

clean 2 clean

Our professional cleaning company specialize on commercial, post-construction and move-in/move-out cleaning. We implement the best practices and do COVID-19 deep clean to ensure your facility is disinfected and well sanitized.

Our sustainable cleaning is available for businesses looking to attract and retain customers and employees.

We are passionate about our work and keep up with technology and progress. After all and now we are proud to say: Sustainable cleaning innovate your world.

Helping your business stay clean, disinfected & compliant.

Clean2Clean offers reliable, affordable and professional commercial cleaning & janitorial services to hundreds of local businesses, government offices, educational campuses, and medical facilities throughout the greater New York area.

Only trusted people with proven results
The best technology, the best tools, highly professional staff - all that to go above and beyond
Live smarter, focusing on what is the most important for you. We'll do the dusty work
Our professionals will fly to the moon and back to make you satisfied with results
Online or over the phone - we are always here to help and deal with any questions you might have
Secure online payment is always available

Covid-19 Safety Measures

Keep your home safe and clean with our recommendations.


Get the delivery

• Drop off on your doorstep

• Pay and tip online

• Wash your hands after pick up



• Wash your hands at least 20 sec with soap and water

• Disinfect all takeout boxes and packaged food

• Wash all the produce before putting it into your fridge

• Have a hand spray always with you



• Doorknobs, phones, keyes, keyboards, remotes, etc. need to be disinfected every day.

• Use EPA-approved disinfectants (this includes Lysol and Clorox) and leave it on the surface for 3-5 mins.


Do the laundry

• Wash on HOT when possible.

• Disinfect your laundry hamper.

• Don't shake the bin with dirty clothes to avoid virus dispersing.