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Upper West Side Commercial & Office Cleaning


Providing top-of-the-line office cleaning services throughout the Financial District area, Clean2Clean offers a wide range of options that can accommodate your schedule, requirements, and budget. We’re here to ensure that your office is kept clean and tidy, so you can focus on other important aspects of your business.

A business’s image, reputation, and operations rely heavily on its environmental conditions. Whether you are the owner or manager of a supermarket, medical facility, retail store, or restaurant, cleanup and maintenance can be extremely challenging but cannot be neglected. If a commercial space is not maintained properly, you risk violating health codes and losing customers.

Cleaning and maintenance, however, are often overlooked and underfunded by businesses of all sizes. Yet they are essential for managing and enhancing the health of your business and wellbeing of your employees’.

Clean2Clean offers comprehensive cleaning and for commercial spaces of any size.

No area or surface is off-limits, and we will work closely with you and your staff to develop a customized cleaning strategy. Our team is well-trained and knowledgeable about chemicals, procedures, and technologies. They hold extensive experience and training in these areas and consistently deliver positive results. 

As a leading provider of commercial cleaning solutions in Financial District, New York, Clean2Clean offers a wide range of office cleaning options that are tailored to any business’s unique needs, including:

Cleaning Areas

Reception Area

The reception area is where customers will get their first impression of your business, so you want it to maintain its cheerful, spotless, and welcoming appearance at all times. Also, a sanitary working environment is essential for every person and increases everyone’s ability to get work done. Make a great first statement with our professional office cleaning services.


Kitchen, Bathroom, Wash Room

Any place of employment absolutely requires a washroom that is spotless and thoroughly sanitized in order to guarantee safety and lower the risk of the spread of germs. The same consideration should be given to a staff kitchen or break room where meals are prepared. Even if there is no food preparation that takes place in this area, it is still imperative that it be clean and sanitary.


Window Cleaning

We include blinds and other window treatments as part of our superior commercial window cleaning services, which will leave your space shining from the outside in. Cleaning and maintaining windows is a challenging and potentially hazardous job; therefore, you should delegate this part of the office cleaning to our experienced team so that they can handle it for you. We have received extensive training to handle windows in a skilled and effective manner, and our goal is to deliver exceptional results.


Carpet Cleaning

Carpet is a popular option for flooring in many commercial buildings, and while carpeting adds color, design, aesthetic appeal, and functional solutions to any space, it must be properly maintained. Carpets trap dirt, dust, and other air pollutants, they can become dirty and discolored if not regularly cleaned. Using the highest quality, eco-friendly products, and innovative cleaning techniques, we ensure your carpet flooring maintains its integrity and appearance.


Floor Care

We are experts in commercial and business floor care, and we’ve built our reputation on the exceptional work we’ve done for our clients, particularly in stripping and waxing. Whether your floors are made of marble, concrete, vinyl, terrazzo, or tile, you will be astounded by how well we polish them. We are proud of our signature “wet look” on every vinyl tile and concrete floor, as well as the exceptional flooring work performed by our expert service team.

Featured Government Contractor

Clean2Clean is a government contractor and women-owned and operated cleaning company that provides contracts, insurance, and certificates. We use professional certified equipment, safe cleaning products and operate with a sustainable strategy. 

Clean2Clean provides Financial District, and surrounding areas with professional cleaning services they can trust. We understand the importance of having a clean and healthy workspace, which is why our staff is thoroughly trained to provide a one-of-a-kind service for our customers.

Licensed & Certified

Generally speaking, hiring a professional office cleaning service is the most effective way to get your money’s worth out of a cleaning project. Let’s make this easy: contact us right away, and after we’ve inspected your space, we’ll provide you with a free estimate and a detailed breakdown of what needs to be done.

Office Cleaning Process

General Cleaning 

Cleaning with a mop, broom, and vacuum are all part of the basic maintenance routine that helps get rid of dust and keeps it from building up. Clean2Clean guarantees that no area is overlooked during the cleaning process.


High-Touch Points

When you use professional commercial cleaning services, everything that is susceptible to multiple uses throughout the day due to higher foot traffic will be properly sanitized. This includes your switchboards, elevator buttons, flush handles, toiletries like soap dispensers, vending machine buttons, and railings of the chairs in reception areas.


Cobweb Removal

The formation of cobwebs in any corner of a high ceiling can significantly diminish your initial impression.

Professional commercial cleaning will address all potential trouble spots to prevent their formation immediately or in the near future.



You do not need to spend time and effort organizing and reorganizing the space prior to and after cleaning. A professional will take care of it and give your property a fresh look without you having to lift a finger.

Carpet and Windows Deep Cleaning

Office cleaning is not limited to simply cleaning the space under your furniture; if you hire the professionals at Clean2Clean, they will attend to the full spectrum of your needs. Whether you need carpet stain removal or streak-free window cleaning, we’ve got you covered.


Disinfection Routine

It is essential to ensure that the cleaning is always followed by the implementation of appropriate disinfection procedures. The use of disinfection will ensure that any germs that may be hiding beneath that surface are completely taken care of and eliminated, thereby ensuring that thorough hygiene is maintained.


Whole Premise Sanitization

Sanitization is the final step in the process of cleaning a commercial space. During this step, all touchable surfaces are sprayed with unique solutions that create a barrier preventing the accumulation of germs and the spread of infection from one area to another.