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C2C Sustainability

We 💚 Green Cleaning

Insured, Bonded, Affordable, Reliable, Trustworthy, Professional, Experienced, Earth Friendly, Non-Toxic. Committed to your 100% satisfaction, Guaranteed.

To protect the environment and climate, C2C is committed to implementing and developing environmentally and climate-friendly cleaning processes.

Our company strives to stay within the existing green cleaning standards at each chain (from project coordination and selecting the proper green detergents to organizing the interaction process between a person and detergents).

We are also responsible for the people who work in our company and interact with chemicals daily. Respect for human rights and commitment high social standards form the basis of our relationships with our employees, suppliers, and other partners.

In addition, we strive to switch to utterly green cleaning for all customers, and in every way, we agitate and motivate them to do this.

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